Discover 18th Century rural life in penn.

A historic house museum, the 1738 Wright’s Ferry Mansion celebrates important examples of pre-1750 fine art, decorative arts, and architecture, as well as a multi-generational narrative reflective of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and its surrounding region.
Image of the Best Bedchamber in Wright's Ferry Mansion
Image of the Parlor in Wright's Ferry Mansion
Image of the Clock Room in Wright's Ferry Mansion
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Wright’s Ferry Mansion has been restored by the Louise Steinman von Hess Foundation with great care to accurately represent the period of 1700-1750, when its builder, Susanna Wright — known as “the blue stocking of the Susquehanna”, engaged in intellectual discourse with some of the most inventive and influential minds of 18th century Philadelphia and beyond.

An image of Wright's Ferry Mansion
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The well-researched collection, of rare fine and decorative arts representing American Colonial life for the period of 1700 to 1750 is recognized as one of the most authentic and complete in the Nation.

Mansion history

300 Years of


Largely unaltered from its original construction, Wright’s Ferry Mansion was acquired in 1973 by Richard C. and Louise Steinman von Hess, both of whom demonstrated life-long commitments to historic preservation and art connoisseurship. Together, they began a long and most thoughtful restoration of this unique example of Pennsylvania Colonial architecture.

An image of Wrights Ferry Mansion
A view from the upstairs Work Room in Wright's Ferry Mansion
An image of colorful fabrics from Wright's Ferry Mansion
An image of the upstairs hallway, replete with grandfather clock in Wright's Ferry Mansion
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Explore Wright’s Ferry Mansion while online with our interactive virtual tour experience. Guided by the late Joseph Keller Kindig, III, an internationally recognized authority on American decorative arts and design, as well as both an advisor to the von Hesses regarding the furnishing of Wright’s Ferry Mansion and a one-time board member of the Louise Steinman von Hess Foundation. Our virtual tours of individual rooms provide comprehensive and immersive looks at the daily life of 18th-century Susanna Wright.

An image of the upstairs hallway into the Second Bedchamber in Wright's Ferry Mansion
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