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Wright's Ferry Mansion

 Columbia, Pennsylvania

Mission Statement

Wright’s Ferry Mansion Mission

A historic house museum, the 1738 Wright’s Ferry Mansion celebrates important examples of pre-1750 fine art, decorative arts, architecture, as well as a multi-generational narrative reflective of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and its surrounding region.  Through on-going preservation, engaging tours, insightful publications, and unique programming, WFM serves to enrich the lives of its community — residing and visiting, fostering scholarly research, connoisseurship, and general appreciation for our collective past, present, and future.

Museum Staff

James Archer Abbott, Executive Director/ Chief Curator

Elizabeth Dillon, Assistant Curator/ Education Coordinator

Kate Lints, Accounting / HR Administrator

Michael S. Furnari, Tech/Media Administrator

Kate Foehlinger, Grounds /Property Manager


2023 Board of Trustees

Thomas Hills Cook, Chairman and Managing Trustee


Joseph Stoll, Trustee


Richard Whitson, Trustee


Jennifer Kindig, Trustee

WFM floral_edited.jpg
WFM floral_edited.jpg

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Wright's Ferry Mansion 

38 S 2nd St, Columbia, PA 17512


©Wright’s Ferry Mansion January 2023

Wright's Ferry Mansion
38 S 2nd Street
Columbia, PA 17512

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